Manual Grinder "Comandante" C40 Nitro blade

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The benchmark for manual grinders.

Couleur Comandante
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This manual grinder is the perfect tool to start the coffee revolution! As el Comandante would say: "be realistic, ask for the impossible".

The "Comandante" grinder can be taken anywhere (perfect for your vacation or mountain tours!) Due to its small size. It is very robust because it is designed with steel with a high nitrogen content, and its patented conical grinder is very precise whether it is to grind very finely for espresso or coarser for your slowcoffees. Unlike most grinders, it does not crush the grains, but cuts them with extraordinary ease and consistency. There's no need to apply force to the crank - razor sharp blades do a lot of the work.

Are you an earlybird in the morning and don't want to wake up the building (as can be the case with some electric mills)? The Comandante remains silent, with a very limited sound footprint.

The exterior is both ergonomic and designer with the high quality woods used.

Made in Germany, the workmanship is also of a high standard.

The Comandante grinder comes with two glasses - thick, strong and suitable for filter holders - to collect the grinds (one brown and one white), a plastic cover for the second glass, and an owner's manual.