Hario Cold drip Shizuku

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The Hario Shizuku cold dripper is the perfect tool for making the most exceptional cold brew coffees


The "Hario Shizuku" cold drip carafe is perfect for the precise drip production of your iced coffees.

Easy to use, the Shizuku allows you to make cold infused drip coffee, highlighting all the aromas and flavors of specialty coffee.

The realization of a cold drip with the Shizuku takes between 1 hour and 2 hours. It only takes about 50 grams of medium ground coffee, about 450g of water and 100g of ice cubes to make an exceptional carafe (600ml) of cold drip coffee.

Once the carafe has been prepared, you can enjoy your cold drip of your choice simply with ice cubes (recommended with floral or fruity coffees), or add tonic, milk, or liqueurs to compose tasty cocktails.