Manual Grinder "Kanso Hiku"

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An innovative and high-end manual grinder


Exclusive grinder, elegant, powerful and precise for both fine (espresso) and coarser (slowcoffee) grinds.

The Kanso Hiku hand grinder is made in Canada. It is equipped with a 41mm 7-flute conical burr (the highest found in a manual grinder, allowing a magnificent output and therefore a phenomenal grinding speed for a manual grinder), and a system (pending patent) to eliminate oscillations thanks to steel balls and the use of wave springs, which maintain perfect alignment over time.

Thanks to the external grinding adjustment ring, a very high number of grinding adjustments are available. Plus, the adjustment marks make it easy to find the perfect grind size when needed. This is probably one of the features that sets this manual grinder apart because it allows you to achieve the right grind straight away, without having to try several different degrees of grind until you get the right grind.

The grinder is built in stainless steel and CNC aluminum. The grip of the handle is made of walnut. The grinder hopper has a capacity of 100g of coffee beans and the ground coffee collection cup can hold up to 50g of ground coffee.