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Coffee from the Limu region in Ethiopia. Floral, spicy, fir candies

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Superb microlot from the Limu coffee area in Ethiopia, grown without chemicals.

Complex, floral (hibiscus, bergamot), spicy (cinnamon) or even woody (evokes fir candies).

Cupping: 88+

This coffee harvested at the beginning of the year is made from Arabica beans of varieties native to this region (heirlooms), organically cultivated in the terroir of Agaro, located in the Jimma region of Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee origin.

Heirlooms varieties

This term is used to designate the native varieties, native to Ethiopia. It is estimated that there are between six and ten thousand varieties of coffee in Ethiopia. Due to the cross-pollination that occurs naturally in the wild, each Ethiopian village could potentially have a different variety, each with its own organoleptic characteristics.