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Natural coffee from the Rwenzori mountain range, Uganda. Notes of chocolate and lavender. 

Taille de la mouture
Size of the coffee bags

Natural coffee (beans sun-dried with coffee cherry)

Notes of milk chocolate, lavender and orange.


Rwenzori mountains, Kasese, Uganda

Varieties [arabicas]

SL-14, SL-34, SL-28


Natural (dry)




> 87

Ideal for

Espresso, Italian mocha, sweet methods.

Uganda is a relatively unrecognized coffee producing country. Newcomer to the specialty coffee scene, it offers real delights. The Rwenzori mountain range is also known as the moon mountains. It peaks at 5109m at the Marguerite peak (Mount Stanley, 3rd highest peak in Africa).

After having lived and worked there for over a year on behalf of a humanitarian organization, it was important to me to offer coffee from this magnificent country, ravaged for years by wars. It is a great pleasure to propose this magnificent natural coffee, with both floral and chocolate notes.