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    Equal Profit certified coffee, shade grown in Ixpaluca, Veracruz Mexico. Praline notes

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    Equal Profit certified coffee, where each actor in the food chain is paid in a perfectly fair way. The Ixpaluca café is a pilot project. It was made possible through crowdfunding. We have reserved extra kilosso that those who have not had the chance to taste it through the crowdfunding or those who want to buy it again can now do this here, on our website xalala.ch.

    This Ixpaluca coffee is agroecologically cultivated by the coffee growers of Ixpaluca, according to the traditional principles of respect for the ecosystem and the rituals specific to the indigenous Nahuatl population.

    Citlatl cooperative bringing together coffee growers from Ixpaluca

    Ixpaluca, Veracruz, Mexico

    Varieties [arabica]
    Typica, Colombia, Geisha

    Wet way (washed)


    How the Equal Profit system works
    Current fair trade solutions are insufficient. Minimum prices do not always guarantee fairtrade.

    The Equal Profit model resolves current imbalances by focusing not only on the traceability and composition of the price of foodstuffs but also on what really matters: the distribution of value. In other words, which actors receive what compensation along the food chain and above all, why?

    Thanks to the label, the profit is distributed in proportion to the effort that each actor provides in the food chain. This effort is measured according to the costs and risks incurred by each actor. The principle is simple: the more an actor contributes, the more he deserves to receive. In general, the profits are reserved for the actors at the end of the chain, and the producers receive nothing even though they bear significant costs and risks.

    Thanks to Equal Profit, the coffee growers of Ixpaluca set a price that allows them to sustainably bear their costs, but also receive the fair share of the profits that should go to them. Thanks to these profits received, the producers can envisage a longer-term development with optimism (purchase of new seeds, training, etc.). All the costs of the various actors in the chain are controlled by a fiduciary: in the case of the roaster, the costs are thus represented by labor, variable costs (gas), fixed costs (rental of the workshop, insurance, social charges), bags, labels, packaging and delivery.

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