l'Elisir d'Amore

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    Xalala's interpretation of the espresso: Rich and sirupy with notes of berries and toffee

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    REVEIL EN FANFARE Amor a primera risa [Love at first laugh] Ixpaluca - BEYOND FAIR. EQUAL. La mélodie du bonheur [the sound of music]
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    Sweet, generous, notes of dark chocolate and roasted hazelnuts

    "Amor a primera risa" is a coffee from Honduras [Copan region] grown without chemicals, ideal for espresso.

    Equal Profit certified coffee, shade grown in Ixpaluca, Veracruz Mexico. Praline notes

    Incredible organic microlot from Chelbesa in the Gedeb region (Yirgacheffe) in Ethiopia. Stunningly deep, complex, with intense flavors. Round and silky, with floral layers. Lavender tea, bergamot, guava, candied lemon and red berries. 

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