Pathways to the summits

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Incredible organic microlot from Chelbesa in the Gedeb region (Yirgacheffe) in Ethiopia. Stunningly deep, complex, with intense flavors. Round and silky, with floral layers. Lavender tea, bergamot, guava, candied lemon and red berries. 

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Wonderful microlot from Chelbesa village in Gedeb (Yirgacheffe) region,  Ethiopia. Superbly complex and with intense flavors. Round and silky on the palate with successive floral touches. Evokes lavender tea, bergamot, guava, candied lemon and red berries. A delight!

Chelbesa is one of the most beautiful agroecological producing regions in the world. A typical example of stratified agro-forestry, to provide both shade and nutrients to the coffee trees, this region produces exceptional coffees. The 170 coffee growers of the cooperative cultivate the two varieties Dega ("fresh mountain region") and Wolisho (an ancient Ethiopian variety characterized by its large cherries, its high canopy and its long maturation) in a very fertile land rich in iron.

Pathways to the summits [les sentiers des cimes] are the lyrics of a famous valaisan popular song. We recommand to enjoy this fantastic coffee using a slow coffee method like the filter (such as the V60 or a chemex) to appreciate it at its full potential. If you drink it using an espresso machine, it is phenomenal too, but it could require you some barista skills to set the right parametres.


Chelbesa, Gedeb, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Varieties [arabicas]

Dega, Wolisho





Cupping SCA

Ideal for

Slow coffee methods (especially filter methods), specialty espresso

This coffee is made from Arabica beans grown organically in the land of Chelbesa, Gedeb region located in the vibrant coffee-growing area of ​​Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia.

Incredible depth for an exceptional coffee.