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    Coffee from the Mbale region in Uganda. Notes of vanilla.

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    Coffee grown by a community of 239 smallholder farmers in the Mbale region ofUganda.

    On the palate, a sweet coffee with notes of vanilla.


    Mbale, Eastern Uganda

    Varieties [arabicas]

    SL-14, SL-34, SL-28


    Washed / wet



    A few words about Uganda

    Uganda is a relatively unknown coffee producing country. A newcomer to the specialty coffee scene, it offers real nuggets. The Rwenzori [water maker] mountain range is also known as the moon mountains. It rises to 5109m at the Marguerite peak (Mount Stanley, 3rd highest peak in Africa).

    After having lived and worked there for more than a year for a humanitarian organization, it was important to me to offer a coffee from this magnificent country, ravaged for years by wars. It is a huge pleasure to offer this wonderful coffee from the beautiful Mbale region.

    After, I send it directly

    Expression of self-motivation when one is stuck in a climbing quickdraw, or that one is resting on a tufa, and that one longs to reach the end of the climbing route. You can also use the expression at work, when you have a pile of tasks to do, but you take a little coffee break before really starting to work.

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