5 senses coffee discovery workshop

Enter the fascinating world of specialty coffee using each of your 5 senses.

We will depart for a two hours delicious and sensory journey around the bean and the cup.


When you open the door of our St-Pierre-de-Clages roasting lab, you will be welcomed by a pleasant smell of coffee that will gently awaken your senses.

From there you will discover the most important aspects related to coffee: from the culture and origins of coffee to preparation / extraction, through roasting and tasting.

Our coffee class will give you the keys to appreciate this delicious drink and will allow you to easily prepare different coffees at home.

The discovery workshop is open to everyone and can - in addition to French - be carried out in German, English or Spanish.

Practical information

Location: Xalala roasting workshop, route de Bessoni 3, 1955 St-Pierre-de-Clages

Participants: all public. The workshop is organized from 2 registered participants, in accordance with their respective agendas/schedules.

Languages: French. On request in German, English or Spanish.

Duration: 2 hours Price: 90 francs per person. 500 francs for groups from 5 people.

Participants: the workshop is organized from 2 participants.