Cascara de Pacamara

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Cascara is the dried pulp of coffee cherries to drink in infusion.

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Cascara (infusion of coffee cherry pulp) from the Pacamara coffee variety.

Our cascara is directly sourced from the farmers of the Jinotega region in Nicaragua (direct trade).

Our cascara tea is unique because it is made exclusively from the ripest cherries of the Pacamara coffee variety, grown biodynamically. Those cherries are only harvested once the cherry has reached a certain degree Brix.

Infused as a tea (5 minutes with water at 92 ° C) or coldbrew (infusion with cold water from 12 to 18h leaving in the fridge), our cascara Pacamara with an impressive sweetness reveals delicious notes of tamarind, honey, apricots and cinnamon. In addition, it has a very smooth and pleasant body. We suggest a ratio of 8 g of cascara for 300ml of water. The cascara can be reinfused up to 3 times.

After several months of drying and preparation, groups of Jinotega women separate the coffee beans from the dried cherry pulp.

Nutritional information on cascara:

Cascara contains a large amount of antioxidants and vitamins, especially B8 (Biotin) and Vitamin E. Renowned as energizing and vitalizing, with a very low caffeine content (4 times less than a coffee), it is considered to be a superfood. The infusion of the coffee cherries pulp allows for the complete valorization of the coffee cherries.

It has been consumed for centuries in Ethiopia (hashara) and Yemen (qisher)