Amor a primera risa [Love at first laugh]

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    "Amor a primera risa" is a coffee from Honduras [Copan region] grown without chemicals, ideal for espresso.

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    Coffee grown by the 250 coffee growers of the "Cafesmo" cooperative in the Ocotepeque region, known for its rich soils and its perfect altitude to produce coffees with exquisite flavors. The farms of the coffee growers are relatively small, between 2 and 12 hectares and are all certified organic and fairtrade.

    On the palate, Amor a primera risa is silky and has a honeyed sweetness, notes of grapes, dried figs and some very pleasant floral touches.

    It's a coffee that we gladly drink every day, with renewed pleasure each time!

    Varieties [arabicas]

    Pacas, Catuai, Parainema





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