• grain de café ensemencé
  • Roger de la ferme las Mercedes
  • fleur de caféier
  • cerise de caféier
  • Roger prenant soin de la croissance de ses pousses de caféier

Isabel and Roger

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Natural microlot with intense notes of tropical fruits, imported directly from coffee growers Isabel and Roger, from the Matagalpa region in Nicaragua.

Taille de la mouture
Size of the coffee bags

Natural microlot with notes of mango, pineapple, guava and honey, imported directly from coffee growers Isabel and Roger Mairena, whose farm is located on the outskirts of the Arenal nature reserve, in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua.

Roger, who has a degree in agronomy, is passionate about the constant improvement of agricultural techniques, such as his system of perforated tubes to allow natural filtration under the groves (via the earth) of the water used or his pruning techniques. coffee trees or associated crops.

During the harvest period, Isabel, Roger and their helpers use refractometers, as well as colored bracelets to achieve perfect maturity of the beans. Then, after continuing to sort the grains mechanically this time, one last review with their expert eyes is done again.

Coffee growers

Isabel and Roger Mairena, Finca Las Mercedes


Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Varieties [arabicas]

Caturra, Pache, Bourbon, Geisha


Dry (natural): dried coffee beans with their pulp, giving them a lot of body and a pronounced sweetness.



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