Brewista Artisan-1.0L Electric Gooseneck Kettle

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Electric gooseneck 1l kettle with temperature control

couleur Brewista

This electric kettle with a capacity of 1l is the tool you need to make your slow coffee perfectly.

Thanks to its gooseneck spout, and its temperature which is regulated and maintained to the nearest degree, it allows a precise pouring of water to achieve a successful extraction of your slow coffee.

With its LCD screen, the kettle allows you to adjust the temperature of the hot water to the nearest degree and therefore to choose your extraction temperature with precision according to the drink you want to prepare.

A delayed start of the kettle heating is also possible by selecting the time at which the kettle should heat up.

The Artisan kettle also maintains the water at the same temperature for 30 minutes and has a temperature memory.

It washes in water with washing-up liquid. Abrasive products should not be used with this kettle.