Isabel and Roger

From $20.63

Natural microlot with intense notes of tropical fruits, imported directly from coffee growers Isabel and Roger, from the Matagalpa region in Nicaragua.


    Nessun dorma

    From $33.41

    Xalala's interpretation of the espresso: Rich and sirupy with notes of berries and toffee


      Pathways to the summits

      From $19.65

      Incredible organic microlot from Chelbesa in the Gedeb region (Yirgacheffe) in Ethiopia. Stunningly deep, complex, with intense flavors. Round and silky, with floral layers. Lavender tea, bergamot, guava, candied lemon and red berries. 


        Ascaso Steel Duo PID


        Ascaso coffee machine, with 2 insulated thermoblocks and PID control to extract awesome coffees.


          Bekele Legie (filtre)

          From $18.67

          Rich and complex natural coffee from Ethiopian producer Bekele Legie.

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          Hario V60 set


          The kit contains a v60 dripper, a glass carafe and 40 filters